VAI2KDNA is The Millennium model Jem DNA. When Steve Vai was handed the prototype JEM2KDNA on his tour bus after the Philly Ultra Zone show, Steve looked up and said “Why not the VAI 2KDNA”, that night the VAI2KDNA was born. Limited to an edition of 300, these were swirled by Darren Johansen of About Time Designs. At great expense Ibanez flew Darren and all his equipment to Japan for the project that has produced some of the most beautiful guitars ever painted. To get the DNA Steve Vai himself donated a couple pints of blood to be swirled and Darren mixed it liberally. (The blood actually had to be smuggled into Japan because of importation laws:) Locked away in a special enclosed *private* section of the factory Darren was assisted by friend and DNA concept creator Jim Donahue. For 10 days they practiced their magic with incredible results. description courtesy of http://www.ibanezrules.com

Serial 107/300-F-0025476 means that this is number 107 of 300 guitars produced

As you can see on these pictures this guitar is like new it doesen’t have a single scratch and comes in the GuitarCase that protects it – Sales Price is 4000 Euros nn. – I ship worldwide / shipment is not included – leave a comment or get in touch by email ivan@ivanscala.com

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