Every year, since 1987, Takamine makes a limited edition guitar and every expert or
anyone who appreciates the Takamine name knows that the 1997 limited edition is
something very special.

Only 1500 were ever produced at a list price of $1899.00,
Every Takamine LTD-97 comes with a laser-cut and hand inlaid gecko made of jacaranda
and real turquoise residing in its distinctive rosette, but that’s not what makes it a
natural beauty. It also features a solid spruce top, beautifully figured precious Hawaiian
KOA sides and back, The neck is mahogany with a Koa peghead face .Comes with the
TAKAMINE ACCURAcouSTIC most natural sounding pickup and electronics package
available on any modern acoustic/electric.
Best of all it comes with all the craftsmanship and quality that makes Takamine the
favorite stage companion of guitar players around the world.” – Guitar Aficionado “

Bob Crelin designed this guitar and changed the guitar industry, the design was laser
cut into the top of the guitar rather than the tradition routed style

“Bob Crelin is an independent artist who has pioneered innovative approaches to guitar
inlay. His unique design themes are inspired by nature and compliment the lines and
curves of each instrument. Bob’s thirteen years of work with the craftsmen at Takamine
& Ovation has created annual limited editions of ‘playable art’ that are sought by
collectors & recording artists around the world.

The Takamine LTD-1997 was Bob’s first departure from the traditional ‘ring’ rosette
design (1997). This whiptail lizard was the last of the Santa Fe motifs used for the limited
edition models. Inspired by the natural scenery of the southwest, this design paid
homage to a common sight in the desert. For the talented luthiers at Takamine, this was
a challenging model to manufacture. The design was laser-cut clear through the guitar
top (instead of routed) to render the fine details of the lizard’s fingers and tail. The
fingerboard inlays depict the left behind footprints of the runaway lizard, crossing the
neck diagonally. The lizard inlays consisted of single pieces of rosewood and
turquoise.” – Takamine.com  ”

Serial # 97040887 – Means that it was the 87th guitar made  Apr. 08, 1997

As you can see on these pictures this guitar is like new it doesen’t have a single scratch and comes in the GuitarCase that protects it – Sales Price is 890 Euros nn. – I ship worldwide / shipment is not included – leave a comment or get in touch by email ivan@ivanscala.com

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