Upcoming Guitars

It takes time to put all the pictures up, here is a list of all the guitars which i will put up in the next few days – hopefully by tomorrow.

Ibanez – JS-10TH – Serial F98 20761/005450/254

Ibanez – JS2K – PLEXI – Serial 065200/007162

Ibanez – JEM 90 HAM – Serial F9806279

Ibanez – JEM-2K DNA – Serial 107/300-F00 25476

Gibson – Chet Atkins SST – Serial 90147429

Gibson – Les Paul Joe Perry – Serial 91137344


Selling off some of my Guitars

I am or was a Guitar Collector and i am selling them off now. I have about 25 guitars and will keep alot of them but these here up on this site are for Sale. Being a Collector i have been treating these Guitars exceptionally well. They are practically like new. Have a look around and mail me should you be interested ivan@ivanscala.com – I can send you a zip file with hi res pics. This site is going down after i have sold them all off so take the chance while you still can. Best of luck !!!

If you want to see high res pictures i can send the to you no probs – just drop me a mail