Here is a Guitar for the collectors in MINT Conditions no scratches no damages whatsoever. This is not only Unique this is a one of a kind opportunity for you to own this impossible to find Guitar that was originally limited to 200 copies ever made. Like the Chromeboy this Guitar is extremely easy to damage but this baby has NOT ONE scratch it’s like new – you will not find this Guitar anywhere i guarantee you that and i am quite sure that this one will be swiftly sold. It has all the original accessoires still included. The silver Dimarzio strap and cable, tools, it’s all there. Only 200 of these are made and the prices go up every year. The beauty and unique tone are one off on these. The body produces a sound which no other guitar has, ehem !! maybe 199 other ones only.

This guitar is serial # 62 out of 200 and the original case is included in the sale.

As you can see on these pictures this guitar is like new it doesen’t have a single scratch and comes in the GuitarCase that protects it – Sales Price is 3500 Euros nn. – I ship worldwide / shipment is not included – leave a comment or get in touch by email ivan@ivanscala.com

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